Privacy And Policy

As an online customer, privacy should be your concern. We Packaging Boxes understand the importance of user privacy and their concerns. So, for your better understanding, here is your privacy policy as We Packaging Boxes believe in consumer satisfaction. Be mindful that visiting our website is your acceptance of our privacy policy.

Data Collection During Site Visit

We Packaging Boxes collect your data in the following forms:

1- When you first use our website, we may ask you for certain information such as phone number, email address, address, etc.

2- We keep a record of the consumer's IP address.

3- We also use Cookies installed on our website to record data about your presence and visiting information.

4- Your banking information such as your credit card number etc to process your payment

Softwares also enable us to record information about the pages you visit on our website and the amount of time you spend there

5- Lastly, we also record data about the reviews you leave against our products.

Why Do We Record this Information?

All this information we record helps us to make your experience better. We collect all of this information to provide you with the best service. Further, this data helps us to develop a better understanding of user intent and understand customer behavior. Your email address helps us to send you emails about our promotions, sales, or newsletter. Also, your mobile phone data helps us with the order confirmation and to connect with you in the later phases of order processing. Your reviews on our products and services help us to improve the quality of our service. 

All this information we collect during order placement and processing will not be shared with anyone. Your data may include your name, address, phone number, and order details as well which are not shared with anyone outside the company. 

How Do We Protect Your Information

Your data protection and security are our primary concerns. To ensure this, We Packaging Boxes only provides limited access to your personal information. Data you enter on our website is password protected and is only accessible to a few individuals. Further, we also ensure background checks on all our employees. Further, we don’t share your information with anyone unless it becomes a legal requirement. 

External Links 

We are only responsible for the links or products on our website. In case of any external links on our website, we are not responsible for any kind of promotion, service, or product from them. These links are for reference only and we are responsible for the privacy and security of their website. 

How to Contact We Packaging Boxes?

We Packaging Boxes can change its privacy policy anytime with or without prior intimation and these changes will be posted here. So, we urge you to go through our privacy policy from time to time to stay aware of any changes. To inquire about our products or services, you can contact We Packaging Boxes. For any information, you can send us an email at