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We are here to enable you to make smart packaging choices. We Packaging Boxes is providing its services on the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully if you are visiting our website and thinking of making a purchase. By accessing our website you accept these terms and conditions. 

Further, We Packaging Boxes reserves the right to revise or change these Terms and Conditions with or without any prior intimation. These amendments or changes will be applicable to all customers. So, you should review these before going through our website. 


According to our terms or conditions, any text, graphics, data, designs, or any other material present on our website is solely our property. All of this content on our website is carefully crafted to be error-free, up-to-date, and authentic. These texts, pictures, or any other type of information are not the property of any third party. You are not allowed to copy the content or part of the content on our website without official and legal permission. This remains and shall remain a punishable offense. 

Pricing Policy

The product prices on our website are subject to change and are not constant. We Packaging Boxes have the right to revise the product prices anytime with or without any intimation given before. We are not under any obligation to compensate for your loss due to pricing changes. Further, all the transactions are possible in the mentioned currency on the website. We don’t offer any currency conversion. 

Order Placement and Cancellation

When you are going to place an order, you must provide the correct information required to place and proceed with your order. In case of any wrong information, we reserved the right to cancel your order. Someone else placing an order on your behalf will be your area of concern. If you are going for a customization service then you have to provide the approval for printing products.

Order cancellation is possible within a few hours MENTION IT YOURSELF after we approve your order. After that, no order cancellation will be possible. Further, you will have to make the complete payment including the product or any customization. 

Shipment and Delivery

Our product delivery can take MENTION IT YOURSELF days due to the time required for production. Product shipment may require further 2-3 days. We begin the production and printing of your order after order placement and its complete review. After this time we are responsible for any delay in the delivery or shipment of the product. However, if this happens due to any technical fault then we are liable to refund your payment.

Mistakes and Errors

We will not be responsible for any sort of spelling or grammar mistakes in the design because the information is provided by the customer himself. So, it is your responsibility to proofread the message or data before the finalization of the order. Further, the font style and size are also determined by the user, so the company shall not be responsible for any such mistakes. 

Refunds and Claims

If the product you receive is not up-to-the-mark or meets your specifications, then you can report the issue within MENTION IT YOURSELF. Our team will further investigate the problem and determine who is at the fault. In case the fault is on our side, the company will compensate for it. However, in contrast to it if the mistake is on your end and then the company will not be responsible for any sort of damage. 

In the case of numbers, the company is bound to deliver the committed product amount. If you receive extra items, you will not be asked to return those. In contrast, if the number of items is less than the committed one, then we will compensate for the amount or missing product numbers.

User Conduct Policy

As a user, you must be aware of our policy regarding data sharing. Users will be responsible for any data they send, upload, or post to or through our website. You have no right to use any material, text, image, or any type of content present on our website. So, be careful while sharing any unlawful, unethical, and objectionable material on our website. Further, We Packaging Boxes doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, quality, and integrity of any content posted by consumers. In case of any such activity, we have the right to take any appropriate legal action.

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In case you have concerns or queries regarding our Terms and Conditions, then you can contact us using the information posted below:

Email: sales@wepackagingboxes.com

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